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:: Chibi Cat :: by XenoChelle :: Chibi Cat :: by XenoChelle
Gahhhhhh i really gotta write out her bio~~

No what. Imma do it right naow.


    “We are all born sexual creatures,thank God, but it's a pity so many people despise and crush this natural gift.” 
― Marilyn Monroe

     General Characteristics

Name: Claire Avalan Tessinaul
Appearance: She is a 5 foot tall, very curvy at the hips with a long thick mini whale tail. her tail is striped, and she has purple ring markings around both wrists, ankles, and her collar area. She has almost glowing purple eyes, and two cat ears with a cat face and anthro body. She does have a mouth, but can speak with out moving or using her mouth, projecting her words through a cavity in the front of her skull. 
*This ability makes her seem ethreal, mystical and wise to others, and she has often been seen or treated like a goddess. But in actuality she is decieving, manipulative and very very very promiscuous/sexual.
Symbol: femme symbol
Name Origin: Tessinaul is a royal family name, descendant from one of the original anthro royalty with the release anthros into the public eye. The lineage and royalty has long sense faded, but the family remained wealthy for producing and selling their children to wealthy buyers. 
Other Names: Cat, Duchess
Titles: Duchess
Alternate Forms: Her base fur and skin color can range from white, to deep dark purple, to every color in between. It is an ability of hers and as far as everyone knows it is voluntary and she simply changes whenever she likes. 
Theme Song:…
Zodiac: Pisces ;)

     Personal Characteristics

*Birth Date:
Birth Name: Claire Avalan Tessinaul
Birth Place: Hawaii
Birth Weight: 4 lbs
Birth Length: 10 inches
Manner of Birth: was born in the kitchen lol
First Word(s): Halibut

Primary Objective: To stay rich
Secondary Objectives: To stay rich
Priorities: Sex and money
Motivation: Her confidence in herself and drive for sex motivates her to hone on what she's good at and use it to her advantage.
Accomplishments: Successfully broke away from her parent's support and established her own wealth
Greatest Achievement: being on her own, becoming a self made millionaire
Failures: none
Biggest Failure: none
Self-Confidence: she has A LOT of self confidence, she knows she is the sexiest thing on this planet
Traumas: none
Afflictions: none
Embarrassments: she doesn't get embarrassed 
Worries: worries if she'll ever find a friend she can have who she doesn't hate or look down on 
Soothers: Bubble baths, water, swimming
Instigators: going out in public

Desires: company
Wishes: to find a friend
Regrets: not having a friend/ giving up friendship to pursue sexual desires
Secrets: she is a mutt, disowned by her mother
Confidantes: none
Soft Spots: she loves to give sex to virgins/ guys with no confidence or prior experience with a ladie's touch
Cruel Streaks: she often goes out of her way to have affairs and break up couples via cheating

Musical Instrument: can sing beautifully
Quirks: hates wearing clothes, has a slight british accent 
Dominant Hand: self taught ambidextrous

     Mental Characteristics

IQ: below average
Known Languages: english
Lures: women with big breasts and virgins
Manias: looooves water
Memory: normal
Phobias: tiny boxes (any box smaller than what she can fit into)
Savvies: very good at sex lol
Ineptities: unable to understand the concept of being just friends
Temperament: very calm and confidant
Hobbies: swimming
Pet Peeves: being interrupted

     Intellectual Characteristics

Logical-Mathematical: below average in this department 
Spatial: very spatial
Linguistic: very articulate
Bodily-Kinesthetic: has extreme control of body and movement
Musical: not very musically inclined despite beautiful voice
Interpersonal: interacts with others well, understands others well when it comes to sexual wants
Intrapersonal: doesn't understand herself very well, at least not as much as she'd like to
Naturalistic: very in tune with nature and surroundings
Existential: she believes in karma and spirituality in one's self, so find unexplained phenomenon that of something we cannot understand

     Philosophical Characteristics

Morality: she doesnt see 'good' or 'bad' as she has been doing hat society views as bad for quite sometime. she only believes in doing what she likes and wants to do.
Etiquette: very self aware and curtious
Attitude: confident, but subtle, sexy and quiet
Outlook on Life: she sees life as a place to carryout your desires
Perception: she is an idealist. "Is the glass half empty or half full?": 'Half full. The other half is full of potential.'
Standpoint: she see's the world through the eyes of a wealthy person, but is not oblivious to poverty and crime
Philosophy: live for right now.
Taboos: she would personally never have sex with a child (0-13)

     Spiritual Characteristics

Animal: a cat best describes her lol
Religion: self aware/ spiritual
Devotion: indulges in meditation via swimming or laying by the fire
Superstitions: believes writing your name in red pen is bad luck
Virtues: Patience
Vices: Lust

     Supernatural Characteristics

Ability: can communicate without opening mouth, can change color
Element: water
Immunities: venom
Futilities: catnip lol
Restrictions: none
Origin: powers there from birth
Source: they draw powers from within

     Highs and Lows

Likes: sex, virgins, big breasts, salmon, coconut, water
Dislikes: boxes smaller than her, homework, 
Favorite Animal: Orca
Favorite Arts: Painting
Favorite Color: Blue
Favorite Country: 'Merica
Favorite Drink: Coquito
Favorite Excuse: I'm eating.
Favorite Food: Salmon
Favorite Flavor: Coconut
Favorite Musical Genre: Classical/ R & B
Favorite Mythical Creature: Mermaids
Favorite Number: 69 
Favorite Pastime: swimming
Favorite People: guys with low self esteem
Favorite Place: the pool
Favorite Quote: Your body is a temple.
Favorite Season: Summer
Favorite Subject: none.
Favorite Words: climax

Least Favorite Animal: bears
Least Favorite Arts: theater
Least Favorite Color: Brown
Least Favorite Country: none
Least Favorite Drink: orange juice
Least Favorite Excuse: none
Least Favorite Food: peanuts
Least Favorite Flavor: peanut
Least Favorite Musical Genre: alternative
Least Favorite Mythical Creature: ogre/ troll
Least Favorite Number: 8
Least Favorite Pastime: cooking
Least Favorite People: skinny girls
Least Favorite Place: Church
Least Favorite Quote: Everything will be okay.
Least Favorite Season: Spring
Least Favorite Subject: math
Least Favorite Words: vaccum


Accessories: (What non-clothing items does your character wear? Bracelets? Necklaces? Toe rings?)
Dress Style/Wardrobe: (How does your character commonly dress? Elegantly? Gothic? Mismatched?)
Equipment: (What equipment does your character carry with them? A gourd? A toolbox? A bag of hair?)
Most Prized Possession: (What item does your character have that holds the most personal value?)
Most Valuable Possession: What item does your character have that holds the most monetary value?)
Trinkets: (What items does your character carry that they aren't just for looks, but for more important reasons, such as the ability to use their power?)

     Social Characteristics

Communication: (How does your character communicate with other people?)
Criminal Record: (What has your character done to break the law? Arson? Murder? Jaywalking?)
Discriminations: (What kind of stuff or people does your character discriminate against? Blacks? Aliens? Broccoli?)
Dominance: (How firmly does your character stand their ground over others? Extra firm? Submissively? Iron-fistedly?)
Ego: (How downright amazing does your character think they are? Ridiculously centric? In the wrong place? Superfluous?)
Emotional Stability: (How much emotional inflictions can your character take before they break? Lots? None at all? Negative amounts?)
Expression: (How does your character express themself? Through the clothes? By just saying it? By the pattern in which they play the harmonica?)
Humor: (What does your character think is funny? Blond jokes? Death? Farting?)
Liveliness: (How energetic is your character? Do they literally bounce off the walls? Do they do only what they have to do? Do they literally sleep for entire days?(
Mannerisms: (How does your character commonly act? Rude? Well-mannered? Creepy?)
Patience: (How long can your character wait for something or endure something that is annoying or stressful? Very patient? Impatient? Passive?)
Reputation: (How is your character viewed by their peers? Are they held in high esteem? Do they think he's pure stupid? Do they think he's an alien?)
Sociability: (How much does your character like to interact with other people? Is he super social? Is he a loner? Does he only like being around people who take a liking to the research behind the flight pattern of the sparrow?)
Status: (What is their social status? Quiet? Popular? Dead?)
Style: (How does your character act and dress? Gothic? Emo? Spocky?)


Compliments: (What kinds of things does your character say as a compliment? "I like your hair"? "I think you are super smart"? "My nipples are exploding with delight"?)
Insults: (What kind of things might your character say as an insult? "You are stupid and ugly and no one likes you"? "You wreak of the worst stench I have ever smelt"? "I once dreamt of a man so ugly that he had to hide from himself in the mirror, but you are uglier still"?)
Emotional Status: (What emotional state is your character most likely to be found in? Happy? Depressed? Lackadaisical?)
Expletives: (What words does your character use to express their anger? Swear words? Flan-diddily-anders speech? Obscure words?)
Mood: (What mood is your character most likely to be found in? Angry? Thoughtful? Speechless?)
State of Mind: (What state of mind is your character most likely to be found in? Surprise? Confusion? Constant denial? 
Words: (What kinds of words does your character use in everyday speech? "Dude"? "dattebayo"? "Like a fox"?)
Farewells: (How does your character say goodbye to people? "Sayonara"? Waving? Lifting their shirt at them?)
Greetings: (How does your character commonly greet people? "Hello"? Handshake? Slap them in the face?)

     School and Work

Average Grade: (What grades did your character get in school? A+? C-? Z?)
Degrees: (What college degrees does your character have? Bachelor's? Doctorate? None?)
Education: (How much education has your character received? Up to middle school? College graduate? Everything from elementary school to martial arts of every kind?)
Extracurricular: (What extracurricular activities did your character participate in? Baseball? Chess club? Ballerina?)
Graduating Year: (What year did your character graduate from high school? 1987? 2005? 1210 BC?
School: (What elementary, middle, high schools, and colleges and universities did your character go? Manzanita Elementary and North Valley High? Jerry Springer Private School? None?)
Special Education: (What education did your character receive that their peers didn't get a chance at? Special Ed? Honor Roll? Private Schooling?)
Study Habits: (How often does your character study and how thoroughly? Every free hour? Not at all? They have someone else study for them somehow?)

Association: (What company, group, or people does your character associate with? History, Inc.? The Marines? Mr. Pickles' Happy Hour?)
Boss: (What person or people is your character taking orders from or working for? Bill Gates? Admiral Hood? Mr. Pickles?)
Experience: (What experience has your character had that they might put on their resumé? 12 years of digital artwork? Killed a man? Guest starred 45 times in Oprah's talk show?)
Hours: (What hours does your character work if they work at all? 9am to 5pm (8 hours)? 8am to 3pm (7 hours?)? 8pm to 9pm and 11pm to 5am (1 and 6 hours)?
Days: (What days does your character work? All week (56 hours)? Weekdays (35 hours)? Tuesdays and Thursdays (14 hours)?
Learning Type: (Is your character a Auditory, Visual, Kinesthetic learner?)
Occupation: (What does you character do for a living? Graphic design? Write books? Star as the buttmonkey in a kid's show?)
Rank: (How high in the hierarchy is your character? Production oversight? Captain of the ship? Minion of the dark lord?)
Work Ethic: (How well does your character think work should be done? Thoroughly and effectively? It just needs to get done? Do they shirk it all the time?)
Transportation: (How does your character get to and from their destinations? Supped up 4-wheel drive with a roll cage? Public transportation? Pogo stick?)


Class: (What class does your character identify under? Lower? Middle? Upper?)
Debt: (How much debt does your character have over their head? $500? 40000¥? OVER £9000?)
Dependents: (Who depends on your character for their monetary needs? Their children? Their parent(s)? Their half-sister's second cousin, twice removed?)
Funds: (How much money does your character have on them on average? $5? $500? $5000000?)
Income: (How much does your character make per hour and per year? $12/hour and $24000/year? $8/hour and $14000 a year? $75/hour and $52500/year?)

     Intrapersonal Connections

Immediate Family: (Who are the relatives your character sees everyday or saw everyday growing up? Parents? Siblings? Children? Adopted parents?)
Close Relatives: (Who are the relatives of your character that are only separated by one degree of blood difference? Uncles? Grandparents? Grandchildren?)
Distant Relatives: (Who are the people your character is related to, but not at all closely? Grandparents-in-law? Great granduncle? Twenty-seventh cousin, 88 times removed?)
Ancestors: (Who are some important ancestors in your character's family? Their great great granduncle? Them in a past life? Alexander the Great?)

Acquaintances: (Who does your character associate with, but wouldn't consider a friend or an ally? A recurring character? A tag-along kid? That guy they talk to every other weekday whom they still don't know the name of?)
Allegiance: (Who or what organization does your character work under or fight for? Vendetta, Inc.? Reginald Bracegirdle? America?)
Allies: (Who or what company does your character and/or their company work with or fight alongside? Edgar Wicklow? McDonald's? The mafia?)
Enemies: (Who is it that your character is always fighting or that they have set out to destroy? The Man in Black? Wally Wickenshield? The entire naked mole rat species?)
Followers: (Who follows your character and is inspired by them or tries to copy them? That one annoying kid? Their friends? Their enemies?)
Friends: (Who does your character feel safe with and could trust in a time of need? Barry Barrington? Veridian City? The Laz Group?)
Heroes: (Who does your character look up to? Superman? Firemen? Hobos?)
Inspirations: (Who does your character get inspiration from and strive to be like? The Pope? Batman? Their best friend's cat?)
Pets: (What animals (or in some cases, people) does your character keep under their rule? A dog? A ferret? An alien?)
Rivals: (Who is your character on good terms with, but is constantly in direct competition with? Their best friend? Their bigger brother? The smart kid in class?)
Role Models: (Who was always there for their character and set them on the right path? Their father? Their sister? That French woman across the street?)
Subordinates: (Who does your character get to command around or get to pull rank on? The midshipmen? Their sidekick? Anyone they please?)




Signature Move: 
Special Attack: 
Summon Level: 
Threat Level: 

     Physical Characteristics

Skin Color: 
Height: in ( cm)
Weight: lbs ( kg)

Hat Size: 
Shirt Size: 
Waist Size: 
Shoe Size: 
Face Shape: 
Hair Color: 
Hair Length: 
Hair Type: (Is your character's hair curly or straight?)
Hair Style: 
Widow's Peak: 
Facial Hair: 
Ear Type: 
Ear Shape: 
Eye Type: 
Eye Color: 
Nose Shape: 
Nose Color: 
Teeth: (Carnivorous, omnivorous, herbivorous)
Chin Shape: 
Fur Type: 
Fur Length: 
Fur Color: 
Fur Designs: 
Locomotion: (Plantigrade, digitigrade, or unguligrade)
Tail Type: 
Tail Length: 
Tail Color: 
Tail Design: 
Tail Girth: 

     Health and Fitness

Abnormalities: (Deformities and defects)
Aids: (Glasses, Wheelchairs, etc.)
Broken Bones: 
Extra Anatomy: (Things that aren't typically seen in this species)
Reason for Health: 

Blood Type: 
Martial Arts: 
Maximum Load: (What the most weight they can carry?)
Somatotype: (Mesomorphic, endomorphic, or ectomorphic)

     Perceptive Characteristics


     Sexual Characteristics

Gender Role: 

Sex Life: 
First Love: 
Love Interests: 
Marital Status: 
Significant Other: 

     Residential Characteristics

Sleep Patterns: (What is their sleep schedule and how well do they stick with it? 10pm - 6am, often stays up late but never sleeps in? Midnight - 5am, never deviates? Half hour naps starting at 1 and 7 am and pm, commonly oversleeps during night hours?)

     Vocal Characteristics

Accent/Dialect: (What kind of speech does your character often employ? Pacific Northwest? Pennsylvania Dutch? Cork? Thismight help you decide which is best for your character.)

     Story Information

First Appearance: 
Earliest Appearance: 


     Extrauniversal Information

Analogue: (What already existing character is your character most like? Naruto Uzumaki? Homer Simpson? Eddy?)
Desired Voice Actor: (What actor or voice actor in the real world would you like to play your character? Nicholas Cage? Will Smith? Ben Affleck?)
Inspiration: (What already existing character, real world person, or other thing that isn't from your own universe inspired your character? Buzz Lightyear? Johnny Appleseed? Armenia?)


MBIT Personality Type:
Anima: (How does your character act when they are really being their self?)
Persona: (How does your character act to hide their real self?)


First Impressions:

Strangers' Impressions:

Friends' Impressions:

Family's Impressions:

Self Impression:

Authority's Impressions:

Associates' Impressions:

Lover's Impression:

Creator's Impression:

Post Mortem Impression:







     Defining Moment


Infancy: (What was you character's life like from age 0 to age 3?)

Childhood: (What was your character's life like from age 4 to age 12?)

Adolescence: (What was your character's life like from age 13 to age 19?)

Adulthood: (What was your character's life like from age 20 to age 54?)

Seniority: (What was your character's life like from age 55 until death?)
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